Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding is your party and it should be the most fun you’ve ever had and remember it that way! Here are few tips that can help save you some cash.

• Cut down the band members. Bring a 10 or 12 piece band down to 8.

• Use the same musicians from the cocktail hour for the reception. Cocktail hour music is usually an extra cost after the ceremony.

• You can use a synthesizer with the sax player to help replace a large horn section.

• Instead of using an MC, hire a DJ that specializes in weddings, not just parties in general. DJs that specialize in weddings understand the variety of music that people like to dance to. Some DJs are just as upbeat as a band MC.

• There are some extra effects that you may not need like plasma TVs or LED lighting.

• Make sure you understand all the costs involved in the contract like meals, travel, gas, transportation, tax.