Floral/Event Design

The flowers at your wedding are a statement about your personality and style. The presentation of flowers as centerpieces at your reception or your bouquets can be one of the compliments you receive at the wedding besides how beautiful you look in your dress! Your vision should not be compromised at your wedding just because you’re on a budget.

Here are a few tips that can make your wedding look like a magical garden but not break your bank account at the same time:

• It is best to use flowers that are in season. If your favorites are not in bloom at the time of your wedding, they are probably available, but only as imports, and are more expensive. Talk to your florist about possible alternatives; you might even discover some new favorites, and save money at the same time.

• Candles mixed in with your floral arrangements can be a relatively low-cost way of creating a beautiful romantic atmosphere, if local fire codes allow. Battery operated candles are a great alternative if the real thing is not allowed.

• Peel through bridal magazines and take those ideas to your local florist and have them create the same effect with their flowers, supplies, and cheaper labor.