The Picture Perfect Honeymoon

I have yet to go to Hawaii because I am specifically saving it for my Honeymoon.  I am single, but a girl can still plan, right?

I love going online and checking out all of their gorgeous resorts.  Recently I came across the website for Kona Village Resort.  One look and I am ready to book!  The bungalows placed right near the ocean were so beautiful that I was immediately sold on this fantasy spot.

Bungalows at Kona Village

I did some more research and found out about their “Sunset Dinner for Two.”  They take romance to a new level with this package, since you get your own private waiter.  The staff promises to take care of all arrangements so you can fell like the pampered celebrity that you are.  The cuisine is a modern interpretation of French Polynesian yumminess. What better way to celebrate your new marriage than with a candlelight dinner under a canopy of stars?