Jason and Molly's Wet Wedding

The most popular wedding this month is undoubtedly the wedding between the former Bachelor star, Jason Mesnick and – his runner-up turned main squeeze – Molly Malaney.  While it was a controversial pairing, there is another reason why this wedding is the talk of our office.  The wedding showed that there is one thing a wedding planner can’t control: the weather.wedding-rain

You need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst if you are going to have an outdoor wedding.  Here are a few tips we learned from Jason and Molly’s ceremony:


  • Make sure you have a make-up artist who can do waterproof make-up!  No one wants to look like a raccoon during the exchanging of vows.
  • Clear umbrellas. ABC stocked up on clear umbrellas so they could continue to film the televised ceremony, but this is brilliant for any wedding!  Clear umbrellas are a great idea so your friends and family can still watch your wonderful ceremony.
  • Have your Chuppah serve as a water-stopping tent during the ceremony. While Jason and Molly’s Chuppah – constructed with ornate tree branches – was beautiful, we recommend having a back-up Chuppah design in case of a downpour.  Your designer can add a thick cover of flowers to minimize rain, or a less expensive white/clear tent to completely block the rain.