Social Media & Your Wedding


The Founder of The Wedding Salon, Tatiana Byron has been invited to speak at The Best Events Expo at The Sheraton in New York today!  The topic of choice – Social Media!  We’ve all seen how much the events and bridal industry has been changing over the past few years with the rise of amazing Social Networking sites including Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. While we don’t agree with updating your Facebook status while at the aisle, there is so much that can be explored in the world of Weddings and Social Media!

One way to incorporate Social Media into your wedding is by creating your own Wedding Website.  There are a slew of websites that offer brides & grooms all the tools needed including,, and   These websites are a great way to keep out of town guests involved in the wedding planning process while revealing details that might not fit in your invitation.

While it is important to keep the element of surprise and not reveal each aspect of your wedding day, guests will enjoy a sneak peek into the world of the bride & groom!   By linking your wedding website to Facebook & Twitter, guests will enjoy indirect updates without being directly reminded to visit your website.  Tweet about the amazing hotel you’ve selected for your guests with the swim up bar, an amazing restaurant you’ve discovered for your destination wedding or the cupcakes you’ve picked out for the dessert hour!  The wedding guests will look forward to you big day as much as you do!