Candy, Chocolate & Music Tips from Wedding Bootcamp

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Our second Wedding Bootcamp at the fabulous Dylan’s Candy Bar was so fabulous that we couldn’t  contain our recap in just one post!

We were thrilled to have Dylan Lauren, CEO and founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar as host at her delightful sweet haven. Dylan emphasized the importance of personalization on your big day and told our brides that “Any display or gift that is vibrant in color and includes chocolate is sure to be a big hit.” We tried to limit ourselves to only a few bites of the delicious cupcakes and the sweet treats spread that Dylan provided, but Dylan’s Candy is impossible to resist!

Dylan Lauren

As if candy weren’t enough to keep us satisfied, lliquid, the band revealed some key tips when looking for a wedding band.  Joey Dee, the bassist and band leader informed us that wedding bands should be booked about nine months before the wedding date. The bride and groom’s favorite tunes should always be highlighted as a wedding band should never miss an important song. The clearer you are, the better prepared the wedding band will be for your big day. Don’t be afraid to clarify and be direct so that both parties are happy!


Come back tomorrow for Part 2…