A Cinderella Slipper

I’m very early in the stages of my wedding planning process, but I almost skipped ahead to the last piece of the puzzle due to a recent discovery, Lanalia.

While in Los Angeles recently, I met the founder of Lanalia, Mariya, and instantly fell in love with these hand-sewn, cushioned, fabulous heels. I almost purchased a pair on-site without having any clue as to what I would be wearing on my big day! Can you blame me?

I was told that  every Lanalia shoe has a full-length cushion of Poron, a NASA-created high-density cushioning with built-in arch support. After five years, it only loses 5% of its memory, which keeps the spring in your step longer.

As if I needed a reason to love these shoes any more, Mariya showed me pair after pair of gorgeous heels with crystal accents on bows, crystals on the sole and even crystals on the heel! What a great accent when walking down the aisle!
Mariya also told me a great new trend that she’s been seeing in Summer Weddings, brides are requesting that just the sole of the shoe match the color of the bridesmaid gown. Now, if I even knew what color my bridesmaids would be wearing, I think I’d have to jump on that trend!
Yes, I still have a long way to go, but for now, I can stare at these gorgeous crystal wedding shoes and imagine how they will look with my gorgeous, yet to be found, gown!