Two Weeks in Paradise

Aruba Couple

As I do for everything, I created a checklist to make sure that my Honeymoon locale would be the perfect choice.  Here were the requirements: 1) A relaxing & romantic setting, 2) The opportunity for tons of adventure & fun and 3) The yummiest food and most interesting culture we could find.

The list looked daunting.   Should I drag my new husband on a culture-filled tour of museums around Europe?  Relax on a beach and bask on the sun with a frosty drink?  Totally torn between the two options, I found myself obsessively searching online.

Finally, there it was – the creme de la creme – Aruba!

Let’s break it down:

Relaxing & Romantic = a quick flight (after a very long wedding weekend), perfect weather, the softest white sand ever, gorgeous turquoise water, an incredibly friendly and warm vibe.

Aruba Beach

Tons of Adventure & Fun = Clubs, casinos, live shows and shopping (of course) are always crowd pleasers.  If you can pull yourself off of the comfy lounge chairs on the beach, check out the SeaTrek or Snorkeling at The Palm Island or go Horseback Riding along the shore.


Live Show

Yummy Food & Interesting Culture = There are over 300 amazing restaurants in Aruba.  Definitely check out Papiamento, The Flying Fishbone and The Old Man and The Sea – delicious!  Wildlife tours are abundant as well – a fun one to see is the Butterfly Farm.   There is even an annual International Film Festival!  A Richard Gere sighting during the vacation?  Works for me!


butterfly aruba

Film Festival Aruba

Quite possibly the best part?  You can actually volunteer while you’re on your vacation in Aruba.  Help to preserve the Coral Reef, feed the donkeys and clean up the coastline.  There’s nothing more fabulous than a great trip combined with the opportunity to give back to the community you will call “home” for a week or two.   Check it out at

Put the final check on that list and pack your bags!

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