Tat's Tip: Practical Planning

Little girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day.  The dream may become more sophisticated through the years, but girls often still want elements reminiscent of their original childhood dreams.  Thankfully, by the time she has a diamond on her hand there are plenty of talented professionals ready to guide her through the process.  But what does she do when her vendors try to guide the wedding in their own direction?  Today I wanted to pass on a few of my tips for working with vendors to gain their expertise, but recognize your own vision.

Girls of all ages dream big for their big day

Before settling with a vendor, do your research.  Don’t just scan the internet for the flashiest website or the best price.  Vendors will always give you the best snapshot of their work.  This doesn’t always reflect the overall package that you will be signing up for.  Talk to other brides to see how true their vendors kept with this snapshot.  As well, talk to other vendors you may already be working with.  Asking for references is always appropriate.  After all, these vendors are looking for a job.

Be involved in the contractual process.  Instead of following the adage “always read the fine print,”  I recommend to make sure the fine print says what you think it should say.  Prices are not set in stone.  Good vendors will negotiate with you to help achieve the most important elements of what you are looking for.  Once your name is on the dotted line it is often very hard to make changes that do not affect the bottom line.   Always negotiate when you will be making payments.  NEVER pay in full, as you need a guarantee that each vendor will provide exactly what they are claiming.

Picture 2
Before you sign on the dotted line, wisely consider your options and read carefully so you know what your vendor is promising, and most importantly, what they are not. (Credit: Design Aglow)

Unfortunately, sometimes vendors don’t always follow through with the details of the contract.  In this case, don’t be shy, be politely vocal.  When meeting with vendors throughout the planning process, trust your gut and speak up if you don’t like something.   You may not know peonies or roses as well as your florist, but no one knows your preferences better than you!  Ultimately, it is a vendors’ job to put you in an environment where you can relax.  All you need to think about is how much you love the person you’re spending the rest of your life with.

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Remember on your wedding day to cherish all the things that are right in the world, not obsess about all the things that are wrong.