Wedding in a Week

A few years ago I was hired to plan a wedding in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The bride mentioned that she wanted to be married in one week, it was a bit unconventional but I loved the challenge.

As your timelines seem to get shorter and shorter, I wanted to share a few tips for planning a wedding in a very short time frame.You can spend months researching vendors and ideas before making a single decision.  When planning a wedding in a week, you have limited time to do the research.

You must find a few trusted sources to recommend vendors.  I would start with a reputable planner. You would be amazed at the deals a wedding planner is able to negotiate for your last minute nuptials. They have great relationships with vendors that you can count on.

The second step is selecting your venue.  Find a beautiful space that includes as many resources in the package as possible (tables, chairs, glassware, linens, staff, catering etc.).  A raw space will only mean more work that you don’t have time for.

Venue 1
Venues are key to any event. They should echo your taste, sophistication, and fit all the needs of your event.

Book your venue and use it as your meeting hub with your prospective vendors when you organize your tasting. You won’t have time to commute to each of them, so they must come to you.

Select 2-3 vendors in each category and set up 30 minute meetings with each of them..  Make sure they come with basic proposals in hand, as your decisions will be made quickly.

For your invitations, I recommend going one of two routes, cute or traditional.  Attaching the details about your special day to an emailed picture of the two of you is a cute way to invite your guests and is simple to do.

As for your other printed accessories, design them on your own and pick up nice card stock at the craft store. Since time will be limited for a cake designer, pick a simple design from the venue and add fresh flowers.

DIY ideas or simple touches can bring a bit of glamour and excitement to your event in a hurry!

Going from simple to chic is easy when you think outside the box.  As for the dress, find a beautiful white dress in any department store. There are amazing white dresses you can purchase right off the rack that look elegant and fabulous!

Pick a color scheme for your tables and get the linens to match that scheme for your reception tables. Also, call your local florist and tell them you want your favorite flower (that’s in season of course) for your centerpieces. Discuss your containers and how many flowers in each container to ensure a pretty table. The more, the merrier when it comes to flowers…

Color schemes, small details, and vibrant florals can pull together an event quickly.

I would also add lighting and lots of candles to the venue decor budget. Also a great DJ is the way to go. They can bring in their own equipment and you don’t have to worry how the music will sound!

Make sure you hire a day of coordinator for the wedding.  Hand over all of your contracts to your DOC and leave the stress to them.