A New Era of Wedding Photography

Almost everyone has cherished pictures of their grandparents’ wedding day or shots of  early 1900 courtships. These semi-antique photos are striking with  nostalgic elegance that is often hard to recreate.

It should come as no surprise then that the recent trend in wedding photography has been to use vintage and sepia filters to give engagement photos and wedding shoots a grainy, almost nostalgic feel.  In Focus Studios, decided to take this trend one step further and revealed the newest trend in pre-wedding photo shoots at our Wedding Salon event in Miami,  Era Engagement Shoots.

Era Engagement photography is creating one-of-a-kind memories for couples
Movie buffs or just plain sentimental, Era Engagement photography is creating one-of-a-kind memories for couples. (Courtesy of In Focus Studios)

Paying homage to WWII and modern-day classic films, such as The Notebook, In Focus Studios creates the ultimate vintage experience using real props including WWII war planes, old railroads and handcrafted rowboats.  Attention to detail is key for these Era Engagement Shoots as every detail from the bride-to-be’s attire and jewelry to nail color and makeup must match the Era illustrated in the photo shoot.

Capturing a vintage movie moment on the train tracks
Capturing a vintage movie moment on the train tracks (Courtesy of In Focus Studios)

In Focus Studios allows for  brides and grooms to live out the ultimate fantasy, whether paying homage to their grandparents’ fantasy summer in Cape Cod or a favorite moment from a favorite film such as The Notebook. From long lingering goodbyes on the smoky railroad tracks of the 1940’s, to a lover’s embrace in the cockpit of a WWII fighter plane, In Focus is bringing vintage engagement photos to a new frontier.

Brides can ever recreate The Notebook!  After all, what woman didn't want to be Rachel McAdams in that movie.
Our favorite shot - straight from The Notebook. (Courtesy of In Focus Studios)