Wedding Of The Week

The perfect idea for a Summer wedding?  An outdoor, Garden-themed event with the most natural details to make your guests feel at home and relaxed.

Check out these photos of Holly & Tommy’s wedding, covered by Ami J. Davenport in Olympia, WA, for some great ideas!

Reception Tables

Having simple, low centerpieces of hydrangea set amongst napkins that were tied together with a cobalt blue ribbon was a simple way to give a stark white reception table a  fresh pop of color.  With the white canopied tent overhead, the end result looks elegant and tasteful.

Napkin Detail Rosemary

For an easy and inexpensive touch of class that is right out of the garden,  add a sprig of Rosemary to each guests’ place setting.  This not only looks great, it also brings a fresh scent to each plate.  Great idea, Holly!


While the bride’s bouquet incorporated the same hydrangea that were featured on the reception tables, it was modernized through the addition of  bright shades of blue and purple.  Beautiful!

"I Do" Stir Sticks

Even the easiest of craft projects can add some personalization to a wedding.  These were made with craft sticks, blue card stock, simple white paper and a computer.  Voila – adorable Stir Sticks for Holly & Tommy’s signature cocktails.  How perfect for an outdoor wedding on a hot day!

Blue Ribbon Cake

Don’t forget to have fun when you’re putting together the details!  This classic, white concoction got kicked up a notch when the same cobalt ribbons that were used as napkin ties were carried over to border the cake.

Holly & Tommy

Finally, make sure your dress is weather and setting appropriate, like Holly’s flowy and light gown that she donned during her Summer Garden wedding.  We think they look gorgeous!

Congratulations to the happy couple! For more information on Amy Davenport, visit .