Floral Tips from Ariston Florist

Once you get engaged, you don’t suddenly become an expert in wedding trends. That is what we are here for. My best friend Jill is getting married in November and just now decided to change her floral centerpieces from lows to highs.  Of course it is normal for brides to change their mind last minute, but I have to say, I love her choice as tall centerpieces are back! I spoke with one of Manhattans most elite florists, Ariston Florist who agrees and gave me some tips for Jill’s centerpieces.

ariston centerpiececandles

Ariston Florist recommends using your high centerpieces to create a piece of art.  These centerpieces can take on a new life by using more than just flowers, use feathers, fruit and branches to create an art installation. Be daring with a peacock shaped design or create a virtual waterfall out of dripping orchids. Add candles to your centerpiece for that extra touch of romance, transforming your wedding into a fantasy. Don’t just stop at candles in your centerpiece, use candles throughout the ballroom and surrounding the chuppah for an ultra-romantic effect.

Ariston Chuppah

If you want to take it a step further, Thomas from Ariston Florist suggests accenting your wedding flowers with dangling crystals.  You can keep it traditional looking with clear crystals or really bling it up with multicolored crystal strands. For the ultimate touch, make sure the lighting in your ballroom accents the flowers, crystals and candle for a true fantasy wedding!

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Ariston Green Bouquet