Rehearsal Dinner

There’s often a lot of confusion surrounding the etiquette of the rehearsal dinner.  So I wanted to share my rule of thumb for this important night.


This is the day for the Mother of the Groom to shine.  If she wants the party to be a grand affair, then allow her the privilege.  If she would like to have a quiet evening shared only by the bridal party and your families, then follow her lead.

Rehearsal dinner grande

The groom’s family should be responsible for all of the little details.  It is traditionally their responsibility to coordinate the venue, décor, R.S.V.P’s and logistics for the evening.  As a bride, all you need to do is provide the guest list and show up.  After that, join your fiancé in listening to toasts from your loved ones.


Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is for our of town guests, family members and the bridal party. If you’re having a destination wedding, include everyone that has arrived at that point.  If you want to have a more intimate dinner, invite the rest of your guests for cocktails after the dinner.  This is a great chance to welcome everyone who has taken the time to travel and share your special day with you.