The Dilemma of Divorced Parents

Having divorced parents is hard enough as is, but when planning a wedding, it is often confusing for brides and grooms as to how they should announce their parents’ new significant others.

stressed bride

There are a few ways to go about the formal announcement:

-The first thing to consider with the issue of the ‘new’ significant other, is how long your father of mother has been dating this person. If the divorce is recent and your father has just started dating a new woman, it’s best to take into consideration the feelings of your mother. In this case, introduce your parents separately without any plus ones.

-If you are close with each of your parent’s new partners and they are both in long term relationships, then acknowledge both of the significant others, as they will want to be part of your special day.  It’s ok to announce them separately and if they are not yet remarried, announce them with their own last names such as  “The father of the bride Mr. James Smith accompanied by Ms. Sara Jones.”

-If your parents get along, you might want each of your parents introduced together, without their partners.  Be sure to check with both of your parents to be sure their new partners will be ok with this introduction before moving forward with this decision.

Whatever decision is made, be sure to discuss with both of your parents, as just like the bride, your parents will not want wedding day surprises. Allow your parents the time to be comfortable with the decisions made so they can discuss with their significant others prior to your big day. Most parents will put their pride aside and will do their best to make their children’s wedding day a dream come true!