Unique Centerpiece Ideas

Are you looking for centerpieces that are a little less traditional?  Flowers are elegant, but the same arrangements can be done with smaller budgets and lots of creativity.

Here are a few of my favorite Ideas.

centerpiece- candle

  • Candles.  If you follow our blog, you know that I love candles.  They come in different shapes and sizes and add beautiful dinner lighting.
  • Fruit.  These are great centerpieces for any outdoor reception. Fruit can also be used to decorate a traditional centerpiece. Apples and grapes are the most commonly used.

centerpiece - fruit

  • Greenery.  Go green with your centerpieces by using moss, grass and tree branches.
  • Candies- Colorful M & M’s, jelly beans, flavored chocolates are a fun and fabulous way to decorate your table

centerpiece - candy

The key to a great centerpiece is a unique and fun container.  If you want something fabulous, design your centerpieces in a faux sterling silver revere bowl, a galvanized bucket or a cool basket.