Part 2- The Wedding Salon sits down with Sylvia Weinstock!

We’re back with Part 2 of our interview with the fabulous Sylvia Weinstock!

Sylvia Weinstock 1
Sylvia Weinstock speaks with The Wedding Salon!

WS:  How long does it take to typically create a wedding cake?

Sylvia:  It’s hard to say, as it all depends on the level of involvement and the detailing.  I always start by creating the artwork, having the client approve the design and then it’s on to construction and filling!

Trump Cake: Photo courtesy of John Labbe

WS: How many months in advance should a bride call to book you for her wedding?

Sylvia: Any time she wants!  Ideally I’d like a few months warning, but I’ve had brides call me 2 weeks before their wedding and luckily I’ve been able to squeeze them in.

WS: Who is your Dream Client?

Sylvia: Without a doubt, my grandchildren!

baby cakes
Sylvia designs cakes for all different types of occasions. These Baby Shower cakes are to die for!

WS: We’ve talked about brides, flavors and even Bat Mitzvah Cakes, any last minute tips?

Sylvia:  I’d like to add something to my friends in the wedding industry!  With so many people looking for a piece of the action, always do your best to keep the wedding business the most honorable industry in the world.

S. Weinstock 2