A Guana Cay Celebration with Michelle Rago

Over Memorial Day Weekend, celebrity event planner, Michelle Rago designed a weekend wedding in Guana Cay, Abacos.  The celebration started with a beautiful Rehearsal Dinner for the bride and groom’s  nearest and dearest.


Dinner was served in a spectacular clear tent overlooking the ocean. String lights lit up the night while coral linens and pink flowers gave a romantic pop of color to the gorgeous location.  Conch shells, locally harvested bougainvillea and white washed candlesticks added to to the theme of a fresh beach atmosphere.


Rago advises “When creating décor in bulk,  using one type of flower with candlelight can make a grand statement, while at the same time it is extremely cost effective.”


The Rehearsal Dinner Escort Card Table was decoupaged with maps of Great Guana Cay and its surrounding islands. Personalized compasses with seat assignments were laid out as well. Adding a personal touch like this really makes your guests appreciate the “destination” aspect of the wedding and adds some more excitement.



The Reception was held in a frame tent with mahogany floors. The room was filled with white flowers, natural colored linens and overlooked the crystal Caribbean water!


Water was flooded directly in front of the tent guided by soft white lights, so the waves breaking on shore were visible to the guests as they enjoyed their dinner.


A Gumbolimbo tree was uprooted by Michelle Rago’s team and replanted right next to the stage. Wood lanterns hung from the branches and were canopied over the dance floor. Michelle recommends putting  money toward one big statement instead of trying to incorporate too many small elements. Smaller pieces often get lost in a large tent or room.

The reception was followed by a rockin’ after-party in a small octagonal tent on a rocky bluff overlooking the water.  The guests danced with the sharks until 5am!

Thank you Michelle Rago for sharing these fabulous wedding photos! For more information on Michelle Rago, visit http://michelleragoltd.com