Does Do-It-Yourself Always Get It Done?

When you start planning your wedding, do-it-yourself projects may sound fun.   Who didn’t like arts and crafts as a kid?  It’s even more appealing when the words “low cost” are ringing in your ears.  I’m all for being hands-on during the planning process, but there are some “projects” that usually end up being more than you bargain for.  Some things you may want to avoid doing yourself:

do it yourself

  • Flowers… unless you want to

–          Find a wholesaler

–          Research seasonal/ appropriate flowers

–          Handle thousands of flowers

–          Store and refrigerate them

–          Cut/condition each stem

–          Arrange Flowers and buy the containers

–          Have them delivered

–          Lay out the floral displays  (on the day of your wedding)

And this doesn’t even count how much work goes into practicing how to create your displays!

  • Food… your wedding day is not a day to be slaving over a hot stove!

do it yourself 2

  • Music… an ipod may have your favorite songs, but a DJ can read the crowd. Do you really want Lady Gaga to start singing when your grandma is giving a toast?
  • Rentals… When will you have time to do your hair and makeup if you are lining up chairs and popping heavy, wooden tables?
  • Day of Coordination… This is your day, hand the contracts to your D.O.C and enjoy it!