Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Countdown: The Final Details

Tomorrow, the countdown to the most anticipated wedding of the year will be over. Chelsea and Marc, are to be wed in the early afternoon, with their closest 400 friends and family watching. More details have emerged as the day is getting closer and closer, so we’re here to share all the juicy details.

This is what we know so far:

Chelsea’s wedding will be held as the Rhinebeck, New York location, Astor Courts. Though the venue was never confirmed by neither mother nor daughter, large, outdoor air-conditioned tents were seen being posted in the backyard.

chels wedding
Astor Court Backyard- The elegant location where the nuptials will take place!

Some of the guests rumored to attend have also been ruled out. President Obama revealed on The View that he wasn’t invited as this is a “family affiar.”  Vice- President Al Gore, and his wife Tipper Gore, were also not invited. This makes us wonder if other celebs rumored to be in attendance, like Oprah and Barbara Streisand will attend.

chels favors Each guest will be getting orange gift bags filled with wine from Clinton Vineyards, wood honeybee prints and a Rhinebeck Farmers Market Calendar.


The wedding will be under high security from top security on site, to local police and secret service. The air space above has been labeled a no-fly zone until 3:30 AM Sunday morning.

floppy hatIt seems more and more likely that the bride-to-be will be wearing Vera Wang.  WWD reported that Chelsea was spotted in New York on Tuesday heading into Vera Wang with what looked to be a bridal updo. Perhaps for her final fitting?

Vera Wang
vera 1
Oscar De La Renta

Oscar de la Renta, on the other hand, is rumored to be dressing the mother-of-the bride, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

chels blog

Blue Ribbon Restaurant Catering will accommodate Chelsea’s gluten allergy with gourmet gluten-free hors oeuvres.  Catering will be divided between three caterers: Blue Ribbon, St. Regis, and Oliver Cheng Catering. It’s estimated to cost up to $1,500 a head.

For her wedding cake, Chelsea  may go with Lulu’s Bakery in New York, which has been baking cakes for the Clintons for years, and are aware of Chelsea’s gluten allergy. Six tiers of cake would be appropriate for the amount of guests that will be in attendance.

chels blog3

Flowers for the event will be provided by Jeff Letham who has worked with Eva Longoria Parker, Oprah, Tina Turner, and Madonna.

astor court 2

One thing we do know for sure is that this wedding will be nothing short of spectacular!  From the location to the favors, every detail coming out about the wedding is perfect for a royal wedding.

Come back on Monday to see what really happened at Chelsea’s wedding and whether or not our predictions were right. Happy Friday!