How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Anthony Vazquez shared this blog post with us from one of his beautiful brides! We were so happy to hear the story about how she found Anthony at our Wedding Salon event in NYC!

Read below for some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer:


How does a bride stay sane when she is planning the chaotic yet fascinating thing we call a wedding? The Answer is easy .. Choose good vendors. Unfortunately, this is oftentimes much easier said then done… Unless of course you happen to run into Anthony Vazquez while gallivanting through the alter universe of a wedding expo such as The Wedding Salon.


Call it fate, but before I had even gotten a chance to begin looking at photographers seriously, my path crossed upon the booth of this vendor and I was smitten. Yes, this description quite possibly could sound like how one would describe meeting their husband, but after you plan a wedding and recognize all the work that goes into choosing vendors that are reliable, trustworthy and talented, you are likely to understand. Not only was I captivated by his genius work, images that were undoubtedly fine art, but his persona allowed me to be myself within 5 seconds of meeting him. The photos were fashionable and provocative; yet cultural and emotional. They brought a whole new definition to the word photojournalism.


Many of us have read a photographer’s take on what is important when choosing them, but a bride’s may be different. Anthony showed me some very important characteristics that I am not sure I would be able to point out had it not been for my experience with him.

Fall in LOVE with the work that they do. Just because a photographer has pictures you think are beautiful, that doesn’t mean they are the photos for you. Be inspired by what you see. Be sure they are pictures that you could imagine for you and your husband.

Do Research. Don’t just look at the advertisements or the photographer chosen online images. Go into the studio and take your time looking through all of the albums available. Use social networking tools like Facebook to find brides who have used the photographer; look through those photos and try to get a sense of how their experience was working with photographer

Sit down and spend time with your husband and the photographer. After the final product of the photos, the dynamic between the three of you on the big day is the next most important aspect. You want to be able to feel at ease and comfortable together. Communicate what your needs and wants are and see if he/she is able to meet them.



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