Don’t Forget About Your Girls!

We’ve all seen enough episodes of Bridezilla (and maybe even known a few bridezillas) to know that sometimes a bride can go too far and take advantage of her bridal party.  Here’s a few things to remember when considering those few girls you’ve asked to be a part of your special day:


  • These are your friends, not worker bees… too many demands can strain a friendship.
  • Be mindful of the cost of things.  Remember that they are taking care of everything for themselves including dress, shoes, hair, showers, bachelorette party and travel.
  • If cost is an issue, give flexibility and creativity on the attire.  Pick the color of the dresses but let them pick their own style.  They will really appreciate this because then they can wear the dress again.
  • Some single friends may have a harder emotional time so don’t flaunt it so much!
  • Always get bridesmaids a small gift to show them you appreciate the time and money they’ve spent!

Ultimately your wedding is about sharing your love.  Having bridesmaids is a way to enjoy the experience with your best girlfriends.