Traditional Meets Modern: LOVE is in the Air!

There are certain elements that almost all traditional weddings have such as the white dress, the flowers and the gorgeous photos.  However over the years as trends come and go,  weddings styles have changed for the better!  For Delia and Joe’s Wedding they embraced tradition but welcomed the new.

delia blogDelia chose to wear an ankle length dress which showed off her beautiful, bright blue bow-accented heels!   Nowadays, brides are choosing to wear colored heels in order to add their own personal touch to their outfit.  Often times, brides will match their heels to the color of their bridesmaids’ gowns for a beautiful color combination. Joe also kept with the bring color theme, by wearing a large red flower as his boutonnière which added a pop of color to his suit.

on the way to churchKeeping with the bright-pops-of-color theme, Delia chose bright colored flowers for her bouquet and her bridesmaids’ bouquets.

carKeeping with ‘traditional,’ Delia and Joe were driven to their reception in an old, vintage car paying homage to a classic 1950s Hollywood bride.

streets of nyc5

streets of nyc13
Before heading to their reception at 3 West Club in New York City, the couple decided to take some photos together in New York City, choosing landmarks that created the perfect backdrop for a New York wedding! We love photographer, Joseph Lin’s use of black-and-white photography accented with pops of color to enhance the LOVE sculpture and the taxi cab speeding away in the distance.

NYC couple shot 2Being in love and acknowledging the essence of New York City or any city for that matter is something that we hope you take advantage of, just as Delia and Joe did!

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