A Splash of Food in Your Table Décor

Food elements are a simple and perfect addition to bring that something ‘extra’ into your wedding day décor.  Megan and Sean’s beautiful July wedding included delectable pears in the mixed hydrangeas, to compliment their green and white themed wedding.
food decor
Photos courtesy of Jonathan Frey Photography

If you love bright colors, citrus fruits are  an easy way to brighten a centerpiece.  Here, sliced lemons and limes in a vase make for an unexpected twist.  For a different color scheme, oranges or grapefruits would work too!

food decor 1
Photo courtesy of TheKnot.com

Speaking of sweets…we’ve mentioned candy bars in past blog posts, as they are a favorite of ours! Candy bars are not only a whimsical way to send your guests home with a tasty favor, they also make for a fun table display.

food decor 5

green food decor

As summer will quickly fade into the fall, here are some festive ideas to embrace the autumn wedding season.  Instead of filling a vase with beads or stones, what about coffee beans?

food decor 2
Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

Photos add a personal touch; here they are woven into berries – how clever!

food decor 3
Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

There’s so much you can do if you want to incorporate pumpkins.  Here are two examples of pumpkin candle holder displays.  The wine glass candle holders would look adorable at cocktail tables or around the bar.

food decor 4
Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Garden and Get Married