Wedding Day Entertainment

So you’ve found the perfect entertainment for your big day.  The eight piece band that you saw at a wedding last year really got the crowd into the music.  After meeting with them you know they will perfectly recreate “The Way You Look Tonight.”  So now you’re done with entertainment right? Before you cross it off your list, make sure you’ve considered these things.lizzie_band

  • What will they be wearing?  The crisp black jackets they wore to your friend’s wedding may have been rented for that day only.
  • When will they take their breaks?  Find out whether they are covering this time with other music.
  • Have you set a room aside for them to take a break?
  • dancing at wedding

  • What songs are they planning?  Will there be any original music?
  • Do they handle their sound staging and lighting or do you?
  • What rules do you want to make sure they follow (Ex: No drinking, No soliciting guests etc.)?

wedding band 1

Make sure to ask these questions beforehand so come your big day, you can sit back, relax and then dance the night away!