Nailing The Details

I came across an amazing new blog called “Show Me The Mani.”  Rachel Mazer – Lawyer by day and Fashionista by night – knows everything about style.  “Show Me The Mani” is all about the latest and hottest trends in nail colors. Rachel

The best part about the blog is that Rachel has an amazing following of Trendy Girls that submit their latest nail finds on a daily basis.  I have been changing my own nail color every two weeks!

ring image

On your wedding day, no detail should be ignored. Nails are definitely important and need to look flawless when you are walking down the aisle.  If you are getting married in the Fall, then you could have deeper and richer colors.  Summer is all about the bright and light tones. 

bride nail

colorful hand

Rachel travels the world and sees a lot of interesting new trends.  I have heard of men getting manicures, but having them use colors for a pedicure is a big “step” in a new direction!


I read this blog daily to keep up on the fun new colors and themes out there for my pinky toes and pointer fingers.



You can submit your nail trends to Rachel directly on her Blog  or post them on her Facebook Fan Page.

Brides – don’t forget to ask Rachel what color you should use on your big day!