Ketubah: An Instant Heirloom

What is a ketubah you ask?  A ketubah (Jewish marriage contract, from the Hebrew word for “written”) is an ancient and beautiful element of the Jewish marriage ceremony. A current trend with a ketubah is that more and more couples are personalizing their commitment to each other by contributing their own text that express vows and hopes for the future.  What is fantastic about this beautiful document is wedded couples have an instant heirloom close to their heart.

Ketubah Graphia
Ketubah Graphia

Ketubah Graphia is a great innovator in the ketubah space.  Founder of Ketubah Graphia, Aliza Boyer combines her background as a calligrapher and mixed media artist to create a ketubah as a unique work of art. According to Aliza, “the ketubah is custom made so people can choose what type of text or background they want even if they wanted to have it in English, Spanish, or French.”


Aliza states that, “your own text personalizes wedding vows for something that lasts long after your wedding day.”  Not to mention, Ketubah Graphia expands on that tradition by offering contemporary yet timeless designs available to and created in collaboration with Jewish, interfaith, same-sex and non-Jewish couples alike.

To learn more about Ketubah Graphia or to place an order visit email [email protected]