A New Twist on Your Bouquet

Accessories with every outfit are a must. Accessories add a beautiful and unique touch to any outfit. But when it comes to getting married, bouquets have been the same style for many years. Lisa Ghiotti of Bridal Bouquet Holder’s, Inc, has introduced a new way to jazz up the old style with a unique bouquet holder.


This bouquet holder keeps the flowers neatly in place and keeps a more fresh appearance. By carefully placing the flowers within the bouquet, your bouquet will look beautiful in every picture.


All of the bouquet holders are hand crafted in sterling silver and are adorned with keepsake jewelry charms. Ghiotti understands that every detail is important on your wedding day and has created the perfect addition to give a very personal touch to your bouquet.


Lisa Ghiotti says “The bouquet holder is the elegant choice for the brides wedding day bouquet and the only luxury alternative to a ribbon tied bouquet and a hand full of stems.”


This bouquet definitely will add something new and exciting to your wedding day and is the perfect accessory to any wedding gown.  For more information visit www.bridalbouquetholders.com .