Take the Cake!

Cupcake towers have been taking the cake lately! It is absolutely the newest trend in wedding cakes. Why? Perhaps because they can be strikingly beautiful, just as any wedding cake, while at the same time allowing brides to have tons of options.

From the amount of tiers your cupcake tower sports to the icing and décor the cupcakes are dressed in, there are plenty of options when you choose a cupcake tower. For instance, you can opt for different cake flavors or fillings on each tier—French vanilla, double chocolate, red velvet—you can have it all!  For a more traditional feel you can opt for a cake at the top tier of your wondrous tower for you and your hubby to make your mark.

Cupcake tower bases are being made in metal and wood, in addition to plastic. So there’s no need to worry, there are bases to give your cupcake tower a more polished look and prevent your ten tier tower from toppling onto the table! If you want to be “in”—be sure to check this new trend out!

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