2011 Wedding Décor Trends from The Wedding Salon

Step aside ice sculpture—a new kind of sculpture will take the reins in weddings next year. In 2011, brides will look to pop art sculptures, such as Mark Tamayo’s “Heart Sculpture,” which was featured in the lounge area at The Wedding Salon. These massive structures instantly add a stylish ‘wow factor’ to any room and serve as a great way to encompass your wedding day theme in the lounge area.

Playful favors will also be a wedding win next year. Brides and grooms will opt for lighthearted favors such as these Venetian Masks from Villa Foscarini Cornaro (a dream destination wedding venue),  showcasing places they’ve traveled together or where they will honeymoon.  Does it get any sweeter than this? In fact it does, in that not only will you be ecstatic about the memories you have or will create but your guests will get a thrill out of it too!

Mark Tamayo Heart Structure

Venetian Masks from Villa Foscarini Cornaro