Light up Your Wedding Night with Allsop!

Looking for something chic and modern to light your event?  Here’s something that’s bound to catch your eye while also contributing to the “Go-Green” initiative, Allsop’s wireless Soji Lanterns!!  Powered by natural sunlight, these lanterns automatically cast beautiful white and golden hues as night breaks.

Whoever thought creating an instant bright and elegant wedding ambiance could be this simple? Jamey Allsop heads up the Home and Garden division of her family business and was able to foster her “solar” interest into garden and lighting, transforming lanterns into a fabulous adornment.

For any occasion, this is an amazing way to bring the “WOW” factor to any event without the hassle of electrical cords or wiring all year round.

Allsop also has signature Moon Drop Tea Lights that are unlike any votives available. No need for matches or candle holders because these votives have a photo light sensor that illuminates in dim or dark areas.  Sustainable and reusable with a stunning flickering glow that lasts over 150 hours without needing to be recharged, anyone would love these!!

For more information about these and other products from Allsop, check out their website.