Geek Love: iPhone Wedding Cake

I got married 5 years ago, since then I missed the ability to change my Facebook status to married right at the altar not to mention an opportunity to protest my undying affection for Apple products!  Well if you have the same love for your iPhone, say I do with an iphone wedding cake. Yes, Brides an iphone wedding cake.

Charm City Cakes designed an amazing replica of an iphone cake for Jerry Brito’s May wedding. The detail work looks fantastic right down to the app choices, volume controls, and battery life indicator. I’m sure it tastes as great as it looks. Go geek love!!!

iphone-cake iphone cake Charm City Cakes
iphone-cake-2-1 iphone cake Charm City Cakes
iphone-cake-apps iphone cake Charm City Cakes
iphone-cake-slice iphone cake Charm City Cakes