Fitting in for the Holidays

It is officially December and the holidays are here! If you’re a bride to be, this time of year can be a nightmare in terms of fitting in to your dress post-holidays. Here are some tips that will keep you sleek and svelte this holiday season.
  • If you’re going to a holiday party, don’t show up hungry.  Offer to bring a dish, prepare something healthy that you would enjoy eating.
  • Substitute ingredients- substitute butter for olive oil and whole milk or cream for unsweetened almond milk.
  • Use small serving spoons for smaller portions or use muffin pans to create individual servings for stuffing. Use an ice cream scooper to serve mashed potatoes.
  • Exercise – When winter hits, many cozy up indoors. Don’t get lazy! Exercising is important to your body all year round. So bundle up, take a brisk walk, do some window shopping, and take an aerobics class to stay energized. Keep your body moving and the blood pumping.
  • The cold air can be your skin’s worst enemy this time of the year. Carry a good SPF lip balm to keep those lips kissable. Try NIVEA A Kiss of Smoothness for long-lasting moisturize. Slather on some silky smooth Aveda NEW AND IMPROVED Gentle All-Sensitive Moisturizer to block the wind.
  • Stay Hydrated – Skip the calorie-filled eggnog and ask for a refill of  water. If you do feel like indulging, treat yourself to a low-calorie Skinnygirl Margarita, if it works for Bethenny, it works for us!

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be one step closer to a stress-free January as you go dress shopping.