A “Polished” Look

Now you’re at the point where you’ve found the perfect wedding dress and accessories, you’ve found the most amazing designer footwear and you’ve booked a hair appointment at the most notable hair salon in town—you’d probably say you are all set for a pulled-together polished bridal look. But I’d say you forgot one thing—the polish!

On your wedding day, your nails are something you will want to be up to par with the rest of your look. After all, they are merely inches away from your  bling, which I’m sure you’ll want your photographer to get up close and personal with. Here are a few tips for getting your nails in tip-top shape for your big day:

  • If you want to wear tips on your big day and you don’t wear them consistently, make sure you do so at least two weeks in advance, because they take some getting used to.
  • If you plan to keep your nails natural, start getting manicures done regularly a few weeks or even a few months before the wedding to ensure they are grown to your desired length, are healthy and shaped to perfection.
  • DON’T forget about your toes! Especially if you are wearing open-toed shoes with your wedding or reception dress. Rough feet aren’t sexy and neither is chipped toenail polish.
  • DO buy your own nail polish and bring it to your nail technician. To be truly pleased with your nails you won’t want to wait to choose from their selection of nail polish. One of our favorite brands is Essie, which has an amazing bridal collection! We love the fun names including petal pink, main squeeze, pillow talk, and walk down the aisle! To choose your favorite bridal color, visit www.essie.com .

You will truly feel glamorous on your big day and you’ll be happy to show off your gorgeous new ring on your perfectly manicured nails!