Planner Spotlight: Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fete

Many of today’s busy brides opt for securing a planner to help coordinate their wedding.  A great planner is like a duck in water — cool, calm and collected on top but paddling like crazy beneath the water to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Nathalie Cadet-James is a Miami planner with a mission: transform the ordinary event into an extraordinary experience.

I had the pleasure of picking Nathalie’s brain about the hottest trends, top vendors, and her experience as a wedding planner in Miami.  Take a glimpse into Nathalie’s world at Luxe Fete.  (To connect directly with Nathalie, visit her Blog)

Q: Tell me a little bit about your company and how you got interested in wedding and event planning.
A: I was the girl in college that everyone approached to get help with throwing parties.  I love style and design and the visual aspect of how a space can tell a story.  I am very interested in interior design and always got compliments on my apartment while in school.  After practicing law at a high profile firm for a few years, I realized that event planning and design is my true passion and I decided to pursue a professional career in event planning.
Q: Wedding style seems to vary in different parts of the country.  How would you describe the “typical” Miami bride?
A: Most brides that get married in Miami are not from the area.  I work with a lot of brides from New York, California, South America and Europe.  The one thing that unites all Miami brides is a passion for the beach and a flair for style.
Q: As we approach the New Year, what trends are you forecasting for Miami weddings in 2011?
A:  In line with the trend of having a lounge area at weddings, I have seen elements of interior design built into reception rooms.  No two tables look alike; everything is coordinated but not matchy-matchy like weddings of the past.  I am seeing a lot of textured linens and design elements taken from interior design inspiration.  A huge trend is creating design with juxtaposition.  Instead of a “modern” wedding, brides are asking for a modern/vintage or organic/luxurious wedding.  Every bride wants one wow factor that hasn’t been seen before so there is a lot of customization in design.  Especially in Miami, many vendors and brides push for organic and local products.  Miami is the first port stop so we have first pick of the freshest flowers direct from Colombia, Ecuador and Holland.
Q: Who are some of your all time favorite vendors to work with in Miami?
A: Vendors listed by category…
Cakes: Couture Cakes by Dominique and Anderson Green of Broken Ganache for beautiful chocolate creations
Catering: A Joy Wallace Catering Production and Shiraz (NY & Miami)
Linens & Rentals: Nuage Designs
Fashion: Chic Parisien
Q: What should a Miami bride be conscious of when planning her wedding?
A: The weather in Miami is always unpredictable and rain is almost inevitable.  Your plan B needs to be well thought out and look as good as your plan A. (Love that tip!)
Q: Where do you seek inspiration for designing events?
A: I love to find inspiration from traveling around the world, fashion trends, interior design, bridal and home magazines, and storefronts.  When I meet with new couples I pay close attention to how they style their home, what clothing they are wearing, how they interact with each other, and what their favorite restaurants are.  All of these features provide insight into their style that I can translate into design and decor of their weddings.
Q: What is the msot unique event feature you personally loved from one of your past clients?
A. I had a client that wanted a vintage wedding on the beach.  We re-purposed front porch posts of an old Victorian house to make a chupah on the beach.  The look was striking and the piece had a great back story.  I always create mood boards and sketches for my clients and the design of this ceremony was completely unique.  (Check out Nathalie’s rendering below!)
Q: What is your favorite part of working as a wedding planner in Miami?
A: Having a chance to decompress on the beach after events!