Interview with Delicate Details Part 2

We recently sat down with the incredible Maryam Forutan on Delicate Details, and here is Part 2 of her interview where we discussed LA weddings!

Where do you look to for inspiration?

I seek inspiration from each one of my brides & grooms. Of course, everyone has the same goal- they all want a beautiful wedding day! However, my inspiration comes from how I can add personalized touches to make that special day unique and beautiful just for them! During my consultation, I try to find out as much as I can about who they are as a couple. Things they love to do, where they met and how the proposal happened.

What is a fun trend in weddings you’ve recently started to see?

One of the unique things I’ve seen clients do in the past is to donate to a charity.  There are so m any couples who already live together or perhaps have their homes furnished so in order to give back and say thank you to their guests, they have made a donation on behalf of each of their guests to a charity they love! I think this is absolutely fantastic and find that the guests truly appreciate it!

What is the one thing you love most about Los Angeles?

My favorite thing about working as a wedding planner in LA is the people!!! I have met and continue to meet wonderful families who join together to celebrate a spectacular day! The weather is my second favorite thing- can’t go wrong with very many dates through out the year to have a wedding!

To learn more about Maryam and to see more of her incredible work, visit their website.