Strength in Numbers

My nerd glasses are once again locked and loaded.  I’ve never been a number person but statistics about the wedding world fascinate me.  AFWPI has gathered up some interesting stats about the wedding world taken from the Fairchild Bridal Group via Marriott International Inc.  Enjoy some staggering facts about the fabulous recession-proof industry we call weddings.

*There are projected to be 2.3 million weddings in the U.S. this year

*The average national cost for a wedding and reception is $22,360

*This year, $120 billion will be spent on weddings in the U.S., with about $50 billion spent on costs associated with wedding activity and about $70 billion spent as a result of the union, such as buying a home and furniture

*The average age of a bride is 27 and a groom is 29

*Approximately 73 percent of all wedding receptions take place at a hotel, country club or catering facility.

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