How To: Plan the Perfect Engagement Party – Part 1

With so many newly engaged brides over the holidays, we know that many of you are gearing up for your first task on the to-do list for your wedding – The Engagement Party! We’ll be sharing some tips to help you during each step of the planning process! Stay tuned!

When should the party take place?

Your engagement party should be soon after you get engaged, within the first three months.   

Who will Host?

Tradition says that the bride’s parents host the party.  However, these days the groom’s parents can host it, as well as a friend of the bride and groom.  Engagement parties can either be held at a private home or a restaurant, which will depend on the budget.

Pick a date

Make sure that whoever decides to host the party checks with all the VIP’s (meaning  all the essential family members and important friends) to find a date that will accommodate everyone.

Guest List

The engagement party should be small and filled with close family and friends.  Just a reminder: whoever you invite to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding, so be very careful who you invite!


When picking the invitation, keep in mind that they should set the tone for you wedding but you also want to remember that this should be a fun and relaxing time for both families to get together and you want the invitation to reflect that.

inviteSource: Wedding Paper Divas

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will talk about the menu, décor and entertainment!