How To: Plan the Perfect Engagement Party – Part 2

The Menu

Depending on your budget and where you will have the party will dictate the menu to a certain extent.  If you are having the party at home you have a few options.  You can have a potluck where all the guests bring something different or you can have it catered.  If you are having it at a restaurant, you may be limited to what they have on the menu.

Drinks can be tricky.  You want to make sure that you have plenty to go around while making sure that no one gets intoxicated.  It’s best to stick with just beer and wine and then maybe serve a special after dinner drink for the guests to enjoy – White Russians anyone?



There is no need to go overboard when planning the décor for your engagement party.  If you have chosen a theme make sure that it’s not tacky and that you don’t go to the extreme with the decorations.  Otherwise, a few simple flower arrangements should do the trick.  Remember: You don’t want the engagement party to overshadow the wedding.

pinkchristmasSource:  Wedding Aces


Entertainment is not a must for an engagement party, as it’s best to save the budget for the wedding.  Some ideas can be having a pianist play, hire a small string band or event just putting in a CD for background music.  Another way for people on both sides of the families to get to know each other is to have everyone play board games, card games, etc.


Registering for your engagement party is not necessary.  If you do decided to register, keep in mind that this isn’t your wedding gift so you want to register for things in the lower price range.