Alcor Viaggi~ Your Italian Wedding Planning Solution

Everyone who knows us ladies at The Wedding Salon, knows we love Italy, from the food, to the beaches, to the history, to the men! If you’re waiting for the new season of the Jersey Shore to see Italy, then we recommend changing your plans and checking out Alcor Viaggi…more for the romance of your wedding and less for the fist pumping and GTL.

Alcor Viaggi is your Italian preferred partner for lavish and unforgettable weddings and honeymoons in Italy.  Think magnificent exclusive ancient Castles and Aristocratic palaces.  Creating a magical unforgettable atmosphere for you and your fiance is second nature for Alcor Viaggi.

Whether it’s a blessing from the pope himself, or getting married inside The Vatican, a romantic sunset ceremony on the beach in Taormina, or in the garden of a luxurious Mansion in the Tuscan countryside, the options are endless.  With customized packages to fit your planning needs from guest stay locations, to even barbecuing outside of the castle you are staying in the night before your wedding for your rehearsal dinner,  wine tastings, the sky really is the limit. Top trends that Alcor Viaggi include  weddings on yachts, or even underwater for the more adventurous couple with a passion for scuba diving!

Alcor Viaggi always provides complimentary flight and stay for the couple a few weeks before the wedding to come out to confirm all of the details and logistics, which is what sets them apart as a luxury planning agency. Among their clients, they often have celebrities and noblemen of Italy choose their agency as their top pick!  The photos below speak for themselves!


alcor 3

alcor 4

Check out their website to start planning your fabulous Italian wedding!