Inspiring Engagement

February is a month that makes me swoon with all the love in the air!  And we here at The Wedding Salon are feeling the L.O.V.E. with the amazing engagement stories we are receiving from our Honeymoon giveaway with Romantic Travel Belize! With Valentine’s Day creeping up, I thought I would give our readers some engagement inspiration with  a sweet, clever story…

This one today comes from our reader, Politimi.  She had always dreamed of marrying her guy, Nick, even after a year of dating, but she could never have imagined an engagement like this!


“Nick is a Major in the Marine Corps and has served for over 15 years. During Fleet Week, he sometimes volunteers and gives tours of the ship. I asked him to give me a tour of the USS Iwo Jimo, and he was [of course]very happy to.

When we got on the ship, he showed me all of the tanks, airplanes and helicopters. It was really neat… and I told Nick, “That made my day.” He just laughed.

We met up with his friend, and he told us to go to the top of the ship (where the Captain sits) so we could take pictures… We walked up a few flights of cramped stairs and finally made our way to the “Crow’s Nest”.  I was taking in the view of the city, when Nick said, “What is that down there?”

I looked down on the flight deck, and his two military friends were rolling a HUGE banner that wrote:

“Will You Marry Me Politimi?”

I was in total and utter shock! I turned my head to look at him, and he was down on one knee with this GORGEOUS ring in his hand and asked me if I would marry him. I said YES, or violently nodded my head yes (same thing) and gave him the biggest kiss…People were clapping and cheering.

I just could not believe it. I knew he was crafty, but I didn’t know he was this crafty!” Cupid was definitely helping with that one!

Remember, brides- and grooms-to-be, keep the stories coming and check back on February 28th to find out who is the lucky couple that will be going to beautiful Belize!  For more information on the prize and entry information check us out.