A Love Story

I am a self-professed ‘mush’ when it comes to romance and love stories. I never tire of hearing how a couple met, fell in love, and the key moments that define their journey towards marriage. At Adagion Studio, they not only take great photos, but also ensure each couple’s unique love story is captured. I just can’t get enough of the beautiful photos and the stories that accompany the picture perfect couples.

Adagion Studio Photography 1 (the couple)

Here is an example of a lovely couple and their “love story”, photographed by Cengiz Ozelsel of Adagion Studio:

I was at the wine bar on a Wednesday night in 2007 with my girlfriend, Kelley. We were drinking Champagne–which we do all the time–and minding our own business when a guy sitting next to me leans over and asks: “so girls, what are you celebrating?” Given that I was completely un-interested in striking up a silly conversation, I leaned back, pushed out my belly, and replied: “my pregnancy.” I figured that he wouldn’t want to date a single, drinking, pregnant mother. hahahaha! Little did I know … Steve loved the push back. So he decided to play the “game” and he completely ignored me, focusing only on my friend … joking  with her and only really chatting with her. I was not going to let him have the better of me so I began to talk to the bartender next to me … basically anyone else but Steve. Finally, after I exhausted all of the mindless conversations with other strangers, I engaged in the group banter.

From there the night went quickly–we were at the bar for another four hours; somewhere during that time Steve benched me over his head. It happened because he was quoting a Seinfeld episode where someone says I can bench 100 pounds right over my head. I told Steve I weighed 100 pounds and asked if he could bench me. Sure enough, he grabbed me and lifted me over his head. Ahhh, Amore … Later that night, he somehow got me to give him my REAL number and called me two days later to ask me out. I was going out of town so I told him to call when I was back. Once home, I got a call right away. Steve took me out on a Sunday night, and we went out again that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He told his friends after our 6th date that he knew he was going to marry me.

And the rest is history.

Adagion Studio Photography 2 (the dress)

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Adagion Studio Photography 3