Venues Making an Impact

Brides spend months reading over bridal magazines and scanning wedding blogs to help them settle on the theme or style of their wedding.  The energy of an event is so important in making guests feel welcome and comfortable and most importantly to ensure your guests have a great time!

There are many elements that affect and build on an events’ “spirit” but probably the most important is…



There are many important factors to consider when choosing a venue and many questions to ask before settling on one, but the first thing brides should never disregard is the size of your venue.

JA empty ballroom

I experienced this first hand planning a wedding for a client.  The client fell in love with a venue that held 800 people when her wedding  was only 350.  The problem had to be reconciled using fabrics and lighting to imitate an intimate settling.  These costly additions ended up concealing the drama that the venue was chosen for!


Take a tip from the pros and make sure your venue fits your guest list.  Don’t be afraid to pick a smaller venue for fear that your guest list may grow.  If your numbers go up, keep the space and ask for smaller tables.  Put six guests on a 48” round table or 8 people on a 54” round. This way you can fit more people in a smaller area!

Don’t let the energy of the event be drained by open space! Intimacy is key on your wedding day for you, your groom and your guests!