Assil Eye Institute

Hey Los Angeles Brides! There are so many things to worry about on your wedding day, but wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about your contacts or glasses? Well, brides-to-be, I have the solution for you – LASIK! At our upcoming L.A. Wedding Salon on March 21st, we will be featuring one of the best places to get this amazing treatment, Assil Eye Institute.

Dr. Kerry Assil is renowned for his inventions and improvements in corrective surgery.  And even boasts the title of ophthalmologist to the L.A. Lakers! The company is unparalleled in its level of patient care and offers a variety of services from lasiks to procedures to help with dry eyes. You can bet this is the place to go for freedom from your frames or contacts to look spectacular on your wedding day and in pictures!


Todd Pellowe



Luke Walton of the Lakers and Dr. Kerry Assil

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