A new Twist on Favors for Summer 2011

Favors at weddings have been a tradition since…well, since forever! However, how many times can you go to a wedding and get the same generic favor? We have found the solution for you, Pallini Limoncello! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Limoncello, it’s an Italian lemon liqueur that is primarily produced in Southern Italy and it is customly served chilled as an after-dinner drink.

Pallini Limoncello makes individual bottles of their product that make the most adorable favors! These little bottles can even be customized! Who doesn’t want to bring liqueur home with them? Pallini makes one of the highest quality Limoncellos in Italy made from the sfusato lemon, where they are handpicked and transported to their distillery in Rome. Pallini Limoncello also makes amazing mixed beverages that you can server at your wedding! For more information on the recipes as well as ordering, please visit http://www.pallini.us/limoncello_index.html.

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