A Thoughtful Thank You for Your Bridesmaids

We all enjoy the thrill of being a bridesmaid, wearing a gorgeous dress, carrying beautiful flowers and all the attention surrounding a wedding. On the other hand, we’ve heard the stories of the ‘dark side’ of being a bridesmaid. Yes, the 80’s- style bridesmaid dresses, odd-looking headpieces, even the  requests/ demands for over-the-top bridal showers and bachelorette parties that can be extremely expensive for the bridesmaid.

As a bride, it is so important to remember that your bridesmaids have feelings too! Take time to acknowledge the effort they are putting into your wedding, the time they have spent assisting with the planning and of course the money expended planning your special events. Yes, there are thank you gifts at the rehearsal dinner, but wouldn’t it be nice to give a small thank you before then?

I recently came across this gorgeous thank you post card set from Katie Fischer Design and highly recommend this as a little thank you for your brides for no reason other than… just because! We all love receiving thank you cards and what better way to show your bridesmaids appreciation, than with this gorgeous vintage design from Katie Fischer.

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