Believe me, this proposal contest was fun! We read some of the most beautiful and creative proposal stories imaginable. We had the hardest time picking a winner as each proposal was so beautiful in their own way! We love each story that reflects each couple’s personalities and shows the story of their love!

We couldn’t decide until we saw this video that made us cry…

The winner is Becki Phillips and her fiancé Jon! When we first heard about them, Becki sent us a brief description of how Jon proposed and then attached a video. About a week later, Becki sent us another email telling Jon’s side of the story. Jon had been thinking about ways to propose and had been toying around with the idea of making a video but wanted to make sure he wasn’t using someone else’s idea. He enlisted the help of Becki’s older sister, Heidi who after 2 days and 1,200 photos later, Jon has his source material. It took Jon about 2 months to make this video and well, let me just say, the video says it all! I’m sure you will all love this as much as we did!

Video that was played during proposal

Live proposal video

We love it when a guy takes this much time to make a proposal something that his bride-to-be will never forget!  Thank you to each one of you for sharing your incredible stories with us and of course to Romantic Travel Belize for arranging for this once-in-a lifetime Dream Honeymoon! Yes, we are all dreaming about Belize!