Lovely in White

Everyone always looks for the newest, hottest trend in weddings.  But sometimes simple can be so sweet!  The traditional white wedding is always popular, but this season it’s coming back with a bang!

As for my favorite part of white weddings? The flowers of course! There are so many beautiful options and creative ways to use simple white flowers.   Today we have some lovely inspiration from the only and only David Beahm, yes, he was the genius behind the wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas!

David Beahm is one of the top event designers in the country and his office is located here in New York City.  He and his team love to incorporate floral displays in their designs – from the simple and traditional to the trendy and cool.  David’s work is amazing and beautiful, which is probably why he has so many celebrity clients!

Look at these incredible arrangements from a wedding the company did in Martha’s Vineyard!


The wedding ceremony took place at the Federated Church on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a beautiful, simple church, perfect for the bride who wanted a traditional wedding with whites and creams – how classic!


The family who owns property on Martha’s Vineyard used this vintage Woody wagon as part of the décor. The bride and groom used it as their getaway to the reception.  Beahm put sweet little pomanders on the back of the car to give it that “just married” feel – again, just perfect.

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