Part 2 of our Kiki de Montparnasse Bootcamp Q&A

At our recent Wedding Bootcamp at Kiki De Montparnasse, we had some incredible names reveal some of the latest trends in bridal! Here’s Part 2:

Jamella Day: Jamella Day is a custom luxe accessory line.  They specialize in creating personalized sashes and tiaras, perfect for your bachelorette party!  With so much thought about the wedding, it’s nice to indulge in some extra fun for the bachelorette during her bachelorette party – hint hint bridesmaids!


Laser Cosmetica: Laser Cosmetica is the perfect way to get glowing skin for your wedding day! They are willing to work with any budget to get your skin in tip-top shape! It’s also a great idea to throw a party where you and your bridesmaids can all get skin treatments done!

Pallini Limoncello: This is a fabulous new trend for both wedding cocktails and favors. Pallini Limoncelo is able to personalize the bottles for your favors!  Yes, it’s a favor that guests will truly enjoy straight from the Amalfi coast! For a twist on the champagne toast, opt for Pallini Mimosas.


LertaVu:  LertaVu revealed that with the new technology now, you want to look for someone with a smaller footprint who can go unnoticed at your wedding. Also, shorter videos are popular now because you are able to post them on social media sites.  Outtake reels can also be a cute and funny way to remember the day!

Taylor Creative Inc.: Taylor Creative specializes in furniture rentals for your special event! They told us that some of the major trends in rentals are to copy interior design trends. You should look through interior design magazines to get some ideas on what you would like to see at your wedding.  It’s more popular now to rent things that you wouldn’t expect to have at an event.  Also, having a lounge area at your reception is popular.

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