Cake Toppers with a Twist!

Recently I’ve become infatuated with what brides and grooms are putting on top of their cakes and love the huge variety available to brides! I’ve done some research and have compiled a list of my favorites.  They range from the classical to the whimsical.

Monogrammed Toppers


I love all things monogrammed.  It adds a classy touch to any wedding!

Traditional Cake Toppers


If you are more of a traditional couple, then the classic bride and groom is perfect for you!

Humorous Toppers

high five

This is adorable for that fun-loving couple who is always joking around! I surprisingly love this, but it may not work for everyone.

Royal Toppers

royalWant to feel like Prince William and Kate Middleton on your wedding day? This cake topper will be sure to make anyone feel like royalty on their wedding day!

Disney Topper


How adorable would this be if you are planning on having a Disney Fairytale wedding? Too cute!

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